Friday, October 31, 2008


The weather this Halloween was amazing! We were out without coats, when just earlier in the week, I had to drag out our winter coats. Overall, it wasn't exactly our typical Halloween at all! First off, Jeff forgot it was Halloween when he made the schedule at work and scheduled himself to close that night. By the time he had realized what day it was, it was too late to get anyone to switch with him. Everyone had already made plans. Of course I was mad because none of his staff has kids, which to me, is the whole point of Halloween in the first place! They just wanted to go out and party. I was ticked. I mean, they could have been out of there by 10pm at the latest and still made it to their parties anyway. Where we were done with the festivities and ready for bed by that time. Whatever - it is what it is. I got off of work at 2pm and Jeff dropped the kids off to me so people in the office could see them in their costumes. Then we stopped by my mom's work since her job is 10 minutes from mine. Then we stopped by Greg's work so he could see Patrick in his costume. I felt like we were in a parade with all of these stops! LOL Then we went to my mother-in-laws house to do our trick-or-treating. This church near their house had this festival-type thing going on in the parking lot where all these cars lined up and had their trunks open. They decorated the back of their cars and we did car-to-car trick or treating. You just walked up and down the rows of cars and got your candy. I've never seen anything like it - it was genius! No more wasting your time at houses where no one is home. No more waiting for people to come to the door. It was quick and easy! And it was at a church, so I felt a little more at ease. I didn't have to worry about some stranger grabbing my kid and running off. I know that's a little extreme, but the fear has crossed my mind at some point. We ended up having a really nice time. On the way home, we stopped at Dairy Queen so I could try the fabulous Pumpkin Pie Blizzard (thanks a lot, Tiara)! LOL I was not disappointed at all! It was delicious! Anyway, here's my troop - we have a grim reaper, Scooby Doo and a butterfly:


the Lily Garden said...

Tracy your kids are adorable! (Except that we can't see Patrick, LOL!!) You're looking good too! I like your costume... "Busy Mom & Halloween Escort of 3" he he!
Oh yeah, guys do stuff like that all the time. I have to send Greg little reminders about special dates and kids activities, even if it seems obvious or its been discussed a million times, LOL!
Glad you guys had fun - sounds like a great night!

Shel said...

Hi Tracy! That trick-or-treating out of the trunk does sound like a cool idea! Great pictures! Patrick is looking a little grim. Haha, I crack myself up. j/k

Tiara said...

Those pumpkin pie blizzards are to die for! The kids looked so cute in their costumes :) Glad you guys had a nice Halloween.